Antiage Cream




Regenerating Cream

Wrinkle Face Cream combines an immediate tensor effect with a marked eutrophic action that is firming, nourishing and anti-oxidant.

The presence of a multivitamin complex, in combination with hyaluronic acid (a precursor of collagen), DMAE (a substance that stimulates the firming of the dermis) and Resveratrol, a precious plant-derived active ingredient with remarkable anti-oxidant, stimulating
and epidermal regenerative properties makes SKIN REPAIR Antiage Skin Care Cream into a product
of the highest quality, guaranteeing excellent results from the first application.

A perfect choice before or after laser or revitalizing treatment, it provides deep moisturizing and restructuring to asphyxiated and dehydrated skin.

*USE: Apply generously with light circular massaging of the face and neck, morning and evening.
CAVEATS: the cream may take on a yellowish colour after opening due to the presence of DMAE in the preparation.*