Sculptur lift




Body Emulsion

Sculptur Lift is a soft emulsion enriched with active lifting components. It gives deep hydration to the skin, making the skin more radiant, giving it better tone and leaving it smooth, moistened and tight.

The effect of lifting is achieved through a strategy aimed at fighting wrinkles and smoothing them over from different angles, in order to achieve optimal results. SCULPTUR Lift takes a 360° approach to the problem of wrinkles and skin aging. It contains moisturizing components, antioxidants, Botox-like substances and Mimick Growth Factor.

USE: Apply SCULPTUR Lift to your hands or a piece of cotton. Distribute and massage into the skin with circular movements starting from the base of the neck to the face, from the bottom upwards. Wait until absorbed. If necessary, remove any excess oil residues with a wet towel.