Staminalia Double Chin




Touch Up

Touch up is a daily concentrated treatment focused on the redefinition of the neckline and the removal of localized fat.

This cream for the remodelling of the chin is enriched with hyaluronic acid with a low molecular weight and enhanced with the technology of silanols, carnitine, biomimetic decapeptide-2 active on fat cells, glycosaminoglycans, marine biopeptide, chitosan and glaucine, which makes it a specific treatment for the loss of tone of the epidermis around double chin and neck and for reducing the volume and number of fat cells in the dermis.

USE: Touch up is to be used at least twice every day. To get even more noticeable results it is a good idea to accompany the application of the emulsion with a massage of the area. Re-apply the product morning and evening, always with a massage.