Staminalia eye cream




Restructuring Eye

This technological eye contour contains a pool of growth factors in order to achieve a synergic stimulating action on the epidermis and dermis. Copper tripeptide-1, EGF and KGF, synthesized in certified laboratories from plants and purified cell cultures, contribute to the complete renovation of the skin, mimicking the action of molecules naturally produced by our cells.

The biochemical effects of these peptides can heal tissue faster and better than the untreated skin: the regenerative mechanisms have been proven by several studies conducted by leading laboratories and international university research centres.

USE: In order to obtain better results from STAMINALIA eye contour it is advised to use it together with STAMINALIA day cream. Thoroughly clean the skin with mild products. Take some of the product with your fingertips. Apply around the eyes and spread, tapping and massaging it gently into the skin until complete absorption. Proceed with normal care and facial moisturizing with STAMINALIA day cream.