The Noni plant (Morinda Citrifolia) originates from the South-East Pacific, where it is much used by the local population, and is rich in anti-oxidant elements, phyto-nutrients and minerals, Selenium and vitamins: it also contains the entire range of amino acids and thus constitutes a perfect source of protein.
Of particular importance is the presence in the fruit of Xeronine, a fundamental nutrient for the proper functioning of the body cells; its absence can lead to illness, fatigue and a worsening of the health.
The Xeronine present in the Noni fruit resists the action of free radicals and slows down the appearance of typical aging phenomena.

· Strengthening the immune system
· Anti-aging
· Reduction in symptoms related to allergies
· Increased energy
· Improved sleep
· Reduction in symptoms of arterial pressure
· Reduction in symptoms of arthritis
· Loss of excess weight in obese persons
· Improvement of renal problems
· Reduction in pain
· Reduction in symptoms of depression
· Increased sexual desire
· Anti-inflammatory action

2 to 3 spoonfuls a day either undiluted or diluted in water preferably between meals.

Noni Juice