elisir citolift




Restructuring Serum

A revolutionary, ultra-intensive restructuring serum containing numerous molecules that can give to the skin a youthful look. It is a serum containing a complex based on antioxidants, vegetable extracts and GaBa (gamma amino butyric acid), a revolutionary product used to reduce and prevent skin atony. It visibly reduces looseness in face areas with wrinkles and other atonic parts of the body.

This effect is enhanced by palmitoleic pentapeptide, which deeply restructures the dermis. The hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil enable the product to reduce skin dryness and dehydration. The extracts of Kigelia Africana give a firming and elasticizing effect from the very first application. Vitamin C in esterified form improves the complexion of the skin, making it more radiant and oxygenated.

*USE: For best results we recommend using the product in the morning and in the evening for three months together with SKIN REPAIR cream and SKIN REPAIR mask. *