Staminalia Day Cream




Restructuring Face

The rich, smooth and silky texture, very pleasant to apply, is just one of the characteristics of this cream. To give a full cosmetic response, peptides were introduced into STAMINALIA dermocosmetics that induce the endogenous synthesis of collagen, as well as substances that improve the microcirculation and replenish the elasticity of the skin.

Ceramides have been added to this cream to complement the epidermal barrier function. These determine the compactness, hydration and protection to the upper layers of the skin. The Ceramides – Ceramide 3, Ceramide 6 II, Ceramide 1, phytosphingosine thanks to their multi-lamellar structure (similar to cell membranes) are able to remodel damaged cells and restore the skin, which then appears macroscopically more hydrated and less fragile.

USE: After thorough cleansing of face and décolleté, take a small amount and apply on face. Massage from bottom to top until complete and total absorption, especially on the forehead and lip contour areas. Repeat in the evening.