The Mangosteen, whose scientific name is “Garcinia Mangostana”, occurs throughout South-East Asia.
The fruit has a diameter of between 4 and 7.5 cm. From its pulp can be extracted a puree similar to pear juice, but not as sweet.
The pleasant-tasting juice of the Mangosteen is a fine source of natural active substances and principles. It contains significant amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamins of the B group, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Niacin and other substances that are indispensable for a proper dietary supplement, resulting in a product with a strong anti-oxidant character.

The juice of the Mangosteen has a very powerful anti-oxidant effect that makes it an essential food in regular doses for resisting the formation of free radicals, in part due to its high carotenoid content.

· Regulating and as an indirect regulator of the metabolism of vital organs such as the
kidneys and liver
· Strengthening the immune system
· Combating free radicals
· Powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Take from 2 to 4 spoonfuls of the product a day, pure or diluted with water, preferably not at mealtimes.

Mangosteen Juice